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Access Control



Access control is a vital security measure that limits access to a particular area or resource to authorized personnel. It can range from basic physical barriers like lock-and-key authentication to advanced biometric-based systems like fingerprint scanners. Access control can apply to a wide range of environments from residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and offices, to military installations and government buildings.

Access control systems employ a combination of identification, authorization, and authentication to regulate access. Identification is the process of recognizing a person or object. Authorization is granting or denying access, while authentication confirms the identity of the user via passwords, ID cards, PINs, or biometric identification. Access control can help enhance security by keeping unwanted visitors away, preventing theft, and safeguarding sensitive data.


With electronic access control, a simple door system can become a highly effective physical barrier. As intruders become a growing concern for commercial establishments and other institutions, having the ability to restrict access to certain employees, certain times of the day or certain areas is crucial. Crown Networking is able to offer both stand-alone keypads and proximity readers as well as more comprehensive receptionist buzzer/videophone entry systems and CCTV installations. Our extensive experience across the industry means we can recommend an access control system tailored specifically to your needs and budget. We offer a range of installation options, including electric strikes, exit alarms, Mag locks, audit trail systems and biometric readers. Choose Crown Networking for reliable and secure access control.

Certified SALTO Partner

SALTO KS - Keys as a Service

Incorporating SALTO’s proven reliability and stability in cloud-based access control, SALTO KS – Keys as a Service – offers a solution that every business is looking for with vastly better functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional solution. SALTO KS provides a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. All that is needed is an online device with an Internet connection.

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